‘old curtains’
The train horn whistles through the walls of my head.
The little old man inside is restless and wants to fall asleep.
He rocks back and forth while singing the Lullaby his mom used to sing him.
The sun peaks through the old curtains and he can finally rest.
‘the door’
I awake naked in a dark room.
The lights turn on.
I look into the light.
I then see the door.
I jump up and walk towards it.
It slowly creaks open.
 “at last!”
I grab the door and press my ear onto it.
I start to swing it back and forth.
The sound of the creaks helps my bones from breaking out of my skin.
  ‘the dragon’
Dark grey rocks block my view.
I smell the fresh green grass.
I stand at the edge of the cliff with a question.
I close my eyes and I see the dragon.
The fire he breathes wraps around me and takes me to a cave.
The dragon asks me If I can see.
No question can ever be answered.
Only perspectives can be given.
“No I cannot see”
The waves crash from the sea and into the cave. the water on my skin opens my mind.
I float away into the dark depths of the unknown.
“Now I see.”
I lie on a bed of thorns.
Each thorn showing me the anatomy of my ancestors.
Smoke sneaks up through the wood beneath my bed.
It surrounds me and I am at peace.
 ‘endless summer’
 Everyone strives for the summertime.
As time goes on summer begins to fade.
Soon we are in a forever winter and become slaves of sadness.
not me. no.
I chose to be free and live in an endless summer.
-Thank You
– Druhan Parker (
more to come soon…

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