I fell from the womb straight to my grave.

on my way down I talked to illusion and deception.

once I hit the bottom of the grave they ran from me.

while laying in the dirt a shadow cast over me. it was reality.

it swooped down and slapped me in the face.

I thanked it and then faded away into an eternity of rest.


I sit in a dark room.

a door opens and god appears.

he asks permission to enter.

I say sure.

he walks straight past me and looks in a mirror and breaks it.

as I turn my head to see I realize there’s nothing there until the door opens and god appears again.


eyes have watched over me all my life.

every time they shed a tear I get an entire day of rain.

with every blink of an eye a gust of wind rushes through my hair.

as soon as the eyes failed at their last effort to stay open a darkness surrounded me and i vanished for eternity.


my mind and body have never flown as one.

my mind protects itself by creating fantasies while my body encounters reality and gets the shakes.

I am not apart of my brain. I am the skin, the flesh, the bones. I am.


more to come….

author of poetry: Druhan Parker

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