I keep you in my empty chest.

I never speak in fear of your escape.

Yes I can see you looking through the gaps in my teeth every so often.

But i have built my life around you so my lips remain closed.


You’re a ghost I say to the mirror.

I take the mirror off the wall and pack it away into a box.

I give the box to my Great Grandmother who I’ve never met.

She thanks me and opens the box and looks down at me.

I wave to her and she closes the top of the box and I am surrounded by darkness.


He is a leaf in the wind, but I am an open field.

I know he tastes like the sun, but I was born on a full moon.

He is a plump peach hanging on a tree, but I reside in the winter.


A snake slithers toward me and wraps itself around me.

It tightens itself around my neck and I start to lose oxygen.

The lack of air brings me a new peace I’ve never felt.

Then I realized what peace was and killed the snake and ate it.


I cut  open my left leg and rip out the veins.

Finally I am content.

I start to floss my teeth with the veins.

Aren’t you suppose to take negativity and turn it into something positive ?

My reflection nods.


thank you – Druhan Parker (

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